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Beak & Sons Gourmet Gluten Free Sausages

Sausages don’t feature regularly on my plate but there is nothing worse than going hungry at a BBQ. BBQs are a family favourite, an easy crowd-pleaser and a go-to meal in summer. I am familiar with the feeling of missing out because of my gluten free diet. When I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, all of a sudden I was reading labels and […]

the muesli gluten free

The Muesli Gluten Free

During the working week, I arrive at my desk and enjoy The Muesli Gluten Free for breakfast. After many years of mueslis and a few of the gluten free variety, I have finally found a brand that works for me. A fructose free combination of raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, brown rice flakes, raw […]

Gluten free at Coles

Last week I explored the gluten free offering at Woolworths, now I’ll be finding out how we can go gluten free at Coles. Coles were the first to jump on the gluten free band wagon, offering a 5% discount for Coeliac Australia members and consequently filling their shelves with a ton of gluten free products. Today Coles […]

Gluten Free at Woolworths

Who loves doing their Sunday grocery shop? For those 30 minutes or so, you are in a fantasy world where the supermarket is your pantry. As a coeliac, this activity is really an investigative process. Every week there are more and more gluten free labels and they must be examined. We have the health food stores and upmarket grocers which […]

gluten free big crunch sushi

Big Crunch Gluten Free Sushi

This week I was lucky enough to taste Big Crunch gluten free sushi. My dreams have come true and sushi is finally back in my life. Its free from gluten, dairy, artificial preservatives, flavours or colours AND is endorsed by Coeliac Australia. Big Crunch Sushi ticks a lot of boxes. The story starts with Bruce Pavey, who returned […]


O’Brien Gluten Free Beer

A cold beer on a summer afternoon can now be enjoyed by coeliacs. O’Brien Gluten Free Beer is the child of Rebellion Brewery in Ballarat. Their owner and self-taught brewer, John O’Brien was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 1998 and discovered a lack of Australian gluten free beers. So he decided to develop his own range.   […]


Gluten Free Toaster Bags

  That’s right, gluten free toaster bags. Thanks to reusable toaster bags you can now protect your gluten free bread from the crumbs left behind in the toaster by normal people wherever you go! As a lone coeliac in a family of 5, this has been life changing. Just pop your bread inside the sleeves before […]


About Life

LET’S GO SHOPPING! the best way I can describe the About Life experience. About Life is the ultimate marketplace for organic fiends, grocery shopping addicts and the various dietary requirements of Sydney. From fresh fruit & veg to an in house naturopath – About Life has you sorted in Surry Hills, Cammeray, Bondi Junction, Double Bay and Rozelle. […]


Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods found in Mosman and Mona Vale is THE destination to stock up on gluten free essentials. Enjoy an open plan space where you can pick and choose quantities of (natural & organic) varieties of quinoa, chia, rice, gf flour, nuts, seeds, brans, gf pasta, chocolates, teas, spices, dried fruit, beans and more. Here is how […]