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  1. Charli says

    Beila!!! THis is awesome! I found out that I have troubles with le wheat, and so I am always keeping an eye out for the GF variety – this guide is much appreciated and you are a bloody gem! Can’t wait to have a closer look but I just wanted to use this contact page to say hello and keep up the great work and that writing this reminds me of our year 6 emails and although I haven’t yet listened to them, I was told of the “Penguin Cafe Orchestra” today – apparently excellent music which given the name you would probably love hehe! AND also that I appreciate your recommendation of Call Your Girlfriend – I’ve just downloaded it! woo!

    Peace & Lurve,


  2. Lynne McLeod says

    HI Sylvia

    Is it possible to pick up a plain cheese cake tomorrow at Hornsby markets?

    Lge CheeseCake



  3. Marina Camp says

    Hi Bella

    Love your website/blog, I too am always on the hunt for tasty gluten free food made by someone with better cooking skills than I.
    Can I recommend Eden Cafรฉ on Elizabeth Street in Zetland they do a mean breakfast and have gluten free toast. I always order the bacon and egg Panini but replace the Panini with the GF bread, thank you very nice.
    Also Crust Pizza do a great GF Pizza base.

    Keep up the good work, would be happy to send you more tips and suggestions if you care to use.


    • glutenfreehunter says

      Hi Marina,

      Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll make a note of it.
      Keep your tips and suggestions coming, I am always on the look out for new gluten free eateries.
      You can email them to me at


  4. Michele says

    Hi I live on te central Coast of nsw and need to try and find wheat and grain free sausages ,can you help me and were are you located

    Kind regards


  5. Hi Bella.

    Serving authentic wood smoked pork / beef ribs, chicken, pulled lamb, lamb sausage, pulled smoked pork Mex Nachos……100% Gluten Free.

    All prepared by hand from scratch and I know 100% of everything that goes into this traditional wood smoked brand. Even hand make the Memphis Sauce from scratch with all natural ingredients.

    Brad Young.

  6. Erika says

    Hello, my name is Erika and I’m 17. I just saw the toast covers photo, I found some when I went grocery shopping. I am so glad I bought them because now I won’t have to worry about the Gluten from the other pieces of bread (toaster) going onto mine. ( I live with my parents and two sisters and I’m the only one who is Gluten and Dairy intolerant (severe).

    Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

    • glutenfreehunter says

      Hi Erika!
      Yay! I’m glad you are finding them useful. I am also the only one in my family who is coeliac too so I carry them everywhere!

  7. Reina Sumi says

    I just wanted to know if the bakery would be open this Saturday 15th of April? I wasn’t sure as it is Easter weekend…and would the trading hours be the same?
    I was after some delicious GF bread loaf! and sweets!:)
    Thank you x

  8. Alex says

    Do you know of any 100% gluten free cafes or restaurants in Sydney?

    • glutenfreehunter says

      Hi there,

      Yes Cafe Free in Mosman, the Gluten Free Cafe in Newport or Kitchen Green in Waverley.
      Good luck!

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