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A very merry gluten free Christmas

Gluten free Christmas

🎄🎅 It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!🎄🎅

I hope you are all getting excited about all the end of year festivities (read: eating and drinking) and hopefully some time off. Below, I’ve put together a list of all the gluten free christmas goods and products available that are perfect for endless gluten free feasting. Nom nom nom nom.

Let’s begin!

Advent calendars….I managed to find a Cadbury advent calendar at my local Coles without any traces of wheat. Hooray! Chocolate everyday of December.

Gingerbread: I’m sure you would have spotted Gingerbread Folk at your local grocer because they seem to be everywhere. If you haven’t spotted those cute little gingerbread men check out their website. You can even buy a make-your-own gluten free gingerbread house! Hello christmas activity.

Fruit mince tarts: My mum floated the idea of making these from scratch but lets be honest, at this time of year nobody has got time for that. I get my tarts from Kitchen Green at Eveleigh Markets or their new spot in Waverley or you can try Silvia’s Gluten free also sold at various markets in Sydney. Pop those babies into the microwave and +/- custard/ice cream. Silvia also sells lots of other Christmas treats, check out her online shop.

Seafood: A fresh and safe choice over the christmas period combined with lemon and salads. Especially prawns, glorious prawns with my dad’s famous sauce (a must try) mix cream, gluten free worchestire sauce, tomato sauce and lemon juice.

Roast: We do a hot lunch of roast turkey with delicious stuffing (using gluten free bread, tomatoes, pine nuts and herbs), roast vegetables and gluten free gravy.

Ham: The meat of the season. I recommend buying a ham from your local butcher as it should be naturally gluten free – although just to be safe do check there are no added ingredients. Smother your ham with all of the chutneys and cheese. The best. Cornersmith in Marrickville and Annandale have an amazing chutney selection.

Christmas Pudding: Newcastle’s famous Pudding Lady makes gluten free puddings in a number of sizes. Get in early to avoid disappointment!

If you are lusting after something gluten free in particular for Christmas please leave a comment and I will hunt it down for you.

Otherwise, I hope you all have a very merry gluten free Christmas and treat yourself with lots of delicious gluten free goodies – you deserve it. See you next year!  xoxo 🎄🎅

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