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Scoop Wholefoods


Scoop Wholefoods found in Mosman and Mona Vale is THE destination to stock up on gluten free essentials. Enjoy an open plan space where you can pick and choose quantities of (natural & organic) varieties of quinoa, chia, rice, gf flour, nuts, seeds, brans, gf pasta, chocolates, teas, spices, dried fruit, beans and more.



Here is how it works:

  1. Grab a basket, some brown paper bags and a pen (you’ll see these in clusters around the edge)
  2. Make a selection, open the lid and scoop out however much your heart desires into those brown bags
  3. Put the lid & scoop down, grab your pen and write the product code on the brown bag
  4. Head to the checkout for weighing and payment
  5. Head home and eat/bake/store


For those who struggle to find that perfect muesli or trail mix – struggle no more. At Scoop you can pick out what you want and how much you want of it then head home and combine.


After learning that I am intolerant to fructose on top of being coeliac I decided to make my own breakfast mix featuring linseed, almond slivers, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and coconut. It may look like bird food but with some yoghurt and fruit it does the trick.



mangopineappleI also love their make your own Scoop nut butter station where you can grab some great big jars of freshly crushed almond, cashew, hazelnut or peanut butter mmm.


On top of their their enormous range, Scoop stocks gluten free icecream, oils, Bare blends, raw treats and cook books. They also host workshops in store and regularly share recipes.


You can find them in Mosman or Mona Vale – so go and fill many brown bags at Scoop!blackboard


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