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The Muesli Gluten Free

the muesli gluten free

During the working week, I arrive at my desk and enjoy The Muesli Gluten Free for breakfast. After many years of mueslis and a few of the gluten free variety, I have finally found a brand that works for me. A fructose free combination of raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, brown rice flakes, raw sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, pepita/pumpkin seeds, coconut and puffed amaranth.

the muesli gluten free

Fructose is a common component of mueslis in dried fruit or added fruit juice. For people following a low-fodmap diet or suffering from fructose malabsorption, this really limits their options. Thankfully, more fructose-free breakfast options are becoming available and The Muesli Gluten Free definitely stands out in this category.

In terms of nutrition, it is high in protein and full of good fats derived from the raw nuts and seeds. The fibre content is 6.5 grams per 100g which is excellent compared to other gluten free mueslis on the market.

The Muesli also follows the One Line Rule. The One Line Rule encourages consumers to consider the sugar content on any nutrition panel. They suggest if it’s more than 5g/100g (5%) to move on. The Muesli Gluten Free is 97% sugar free, 1.9g per 100g.


the muesli gluten free

So, bonus points for nutrition but I choose The Muesli Gluten Free for it’s texture and taste. You can actually see the chunky raw nuts and seeds in your bowl. It definitely tastes healthy, nothing is roasted or sweetened which makes it a great choice for breakfast.

I consume The Muesli Gluten Free at least 5 times a week at work with various combinations of fruit (banana, apple or pear) and a scoop of Jalna fat free natural yoghurt. On the weekend you’ll find it mixed with frozen berries, on top of some Gluten Free Porrij for extra crunch, stirred through my pancake mix or used as a crumble toppingthe muesli gluten free .

The Muesli Gluten Free is predominately sold online (I haven’t seen it in many stores) and have a $5 flat rate for delivery OR free delivery on all 2-packs or orders over $50.

650g = $19.50
2 x 650g = $39.00
3kg = $79.90

It’s not cheap but you are paying for muesli packed full of 5 nuts and seeds, instead of cheaper ingredients such as oats (off limits) or rice/corn based cereals. I am a big fan so I stock up on the double packs regularly and am always on the look out for discounts!

Currently, when you subscribe to The Gluten Free Hunter you will receive 10% off The Muesli! Simply enter your email address (to your right) and you will receive a discount code to shop for muesli!

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